Sunday, May 24, 2009

Guide to my transliterizations

The main reason I'm starting this whole thing up is so I have a more public place to post transliterizations (romanizations) of Japanese songs so lemme start out by giving you a guide as to how I do things.

Loan words
These words are done in all capitals. This is mainly to keep true to the original source and to aid in proper pronunciation of how it's done in the song (very rarely have I come across loan words that are pronounced as they are in their original languages in the song so this won't give too many problems.

e.g. "キュート" becomes "KYUUTO", not "cute".

Words written in other languages
Like loan words, these will remain as in the original text even though sometimes they are pronounced as if they were loan words. If they are pronounced like loan words, I will put the pronunciation in all caps like loan words.

e.g. "すごい Pleasure" would become "Sugoi Pleasure (PURESHAA)" in instances where it is sung differently from how it looks.

Other notes
I do things a little backwards. Some people like to transliterate は when it's used as a particle as "ha" because that's what the character is and that's how you have to enter it in an IME. Not for me; は becomes "wa" for proper pronunciation sake. However, を is pronounced "o" and some people write it as that. But I prefer to use "wo" to differentiate and to give a little more weight to it.

I know I haven't gotten all of the circumstances out, but there's some weird ones like emoticons instead of lyrics. I'll edit this post if there's any weird things like that.

Also, I will be re-posting some lyrics from my old site at NekoKoneko so yes, some of the lyrics will be copy+paste from that site and from older songs while I gut out that site.

And one final note. I don't do translations. I know enough Japanese to be able to translate some song lyrics and other small things, but I don't know enough Japanese to translate bigger products. In general, I will not be providing lyrics translations. I'll leave that up to people who are better at it than I am.

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